Pro-Business Climate

Our eight communities have one thing in common—a business-friendly environment designed to help your business succeed. Each community stands ready to assist decision-makers who seek to establish or expand their businesses in our area. With site selection, rapid development permitting, and custom-tailored training and workforce development solutions, Tulare County communities are equipped and ready to serve your business.

Site Selection

During the site selection process our Economic Development professionals are ready to help with your site selection needs. We offer site and building searches, incentives and financing assistance, training and workforce development resources, community demographic information, as well as fiscal impact analysis to determine ROI.

Rapid Development Permitting

Pending due diligence of the project, our communities offer 21 Day Permit Fast-tracking as one of the major benefits to streamline your project. Once a final site is chosen, the city will provide a dedicated staff person who will be available to the company throughout the project.

Training and Workforce Development Solutions

Our workforce development partners work in tandem with company officials and local community colleges to design and produce specialized trainings specific to a company standards. They also provide no-cost hiring assistance and help maximize access to federal and state tax credits, as well as local and state training funds.