Kaweah Health

Kaweah Health is one of the area’s most progressive health care providers. It is our goal that our community has access to a broad spectrum of high-quality health care services.

Kaweah Health is actively recruiting additional physicians to the region to support the healthcare needs of the community. Kaweah employs 5,000 workers in the City of Visalia, serving the medical needs of residents in the area. There are currently 7,382 jobs supported, and they plan to increase that to 8,115 jobs supported.

Currently, Kaweah supports $973.5 million of economic output each year and accounts for $550.4 million of Tulare County’s gross area product. The provider Kaweah represents approximately 3.2% of Tulare County’s economy.

Sierra View District Hospital

Sierra View District Hospital is a 167-bed, full-service acute care facility in Porterville, California. The hospital serves the Southern Sequoia region of California’s Central Valley and is the pre-eminent health care provider. Sierra View is actively recruiting physicians to the area to support the healthcare needs of the community. There are currently 1,342 jobs supported, and the current contract physician fees are $11.3 million. 

Sierra View’s estimated local tax revenue is $400,000. The total economic impact of unreimbursed charity care is $5.8 million, and the total regional impact on Tulare County’s gross area product is $175.7 million. 

Thanks to an expert care team and state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, Sierra View can provide excellent health care services in a compassionate environment where patients and their families feel comfortable.

Adventist Health Tulare

Adventist Health Tulare is located just off State Hwy 99 in Tulare, California. Our 112-bed general acute care hospital serves as a community and regional resource for an emergency, diagnostic, and elective medical and surgical care.