Woodlake is located in the San Joaquin Valley of central California.  The city is attractively nestled among citrus and olive orchards at the base of the foothills of the mighty Sierra Nevada mountains.

The City is a short drive from Sequoia National Park, famous for its massive Sequoia trees, soaring granite peaks and beautiful mountain meadows.  Close by, Woodlake enjoys the amenities of Lake Kaweah and the Kaweah and St. John’s Rivers.  Bravo Lake, an irrigation facility situated within the city limits, provides bird watching and walking opportunities.

​While Woodlake’s residents enjoy the slow pace of a small rural community, the city has aggressively pursued economic development opportunities through new industrial and commercial projects.  Indeed, the city has ample land for commercial, industrial and residential growth.  In addition, the Woodlake airport is a general aviation facility that is often in sunshine when other valley cities are covered by winter fog.

At the same time, Woodlake strives to ensure that growth is well-planned, in a manner that respects the environment, including surrounding agricultural land.