Serving as the gateway to Sequoia National Forest and the Great Western Divide Highway, Porterville serves as trade and cultural center for more than 112,000 people.

Porterville’s charming downtown area offers a number of attractions, such as unique boutique-style retailers, antique stores, restaurants, a multicultural art center, and beautiful downtown murals.

Local businesses produce numerous products such as electronic instruments, precision machinery, business forms, and processed food products.  Complimenting these industries is a diversified agribusiness community, with a variety of locally grown and distributed products, including oranges, lemons, olives, pistachios, and olive oils.

​The labor market is enriched by such facilities as Walmart Distribution Center, Porterville Developmental Center and Beckman Coulter, Inc. which provide employment opportunities for over 2,000 people.  Jobs in manufacturing, wholesale, construction, government, real estate, and commercial activities round out the picture of a healthy community.

The greater Porterville area truly has something to suit every personality.  You can hike through a forest of Giant Sequoia Trees, swing a golf club on a local course, water ski, fish and swim at Success Lake, camp in the Sierras, or participate in a variety of cultural events. Country charm mixed with a casual outdoor lifestyle makes Porterville an ideal place to live, work, and play.