The Community of Goshen is located 31 miles south of Fresno along State Highway 99 on the western edge of Tulare County. It is 1 ½ miles north of the Visalia Municipal Airport, and one-tenth of a mile northwest of the city limits of Visalia, the county seat. The Visalia Industrial Park is immediately west of Goshen.

Goshen came into being as Goshen Junction in 1872 when the townsite was laid out by the San Joaquin branch of the Central Pacific Railroad. In 1874 a branch line was built from Goshen to Visalia, inspiring the hope that Goshen would become a great railway center. Goshen Junction had become an important stop on the Central Pacific’s main line by 1883, with two small hotels, and a railway passenger and freight depot.

Goshen then served as a major transfer point for wheat to be shipped to market. The first school was constructed in 1885 and the Central Pacific Railroad changed its name to the Southern Pacific Railroad.

By the time Goshen’s centennial was celebrated the town’s population had grown substantially. Today it is ideally situated for commercial development because of its proximity to busy State Highway 99 and State Highway 198, rail access and the nearby airport. Its industrial base is rapidly increasing, and the community has ready access to necessary infrastructure.

Located along the Highway 99 corridor, Goshen is considered to be in a Prime Development Area. There are many prime Agricultural and Industrial properties available in this community. Goshen has immediate access to rail and highway.