CA Jobs First

Sierra San Joaquin Jobs “S2J2”

Formerly known as Valley Jobs First


In 2023, the Sierra San Joaquin Jobs (S2J2) coalition launched an intensive, community-driven process to identify regional goals and economic opportunities in alignment with the State of California’s ‘Jobs First’ objectives. Efforts to date include creating a governance structure to foster equitable participation across the four-county (Fresno, Madera, Tulare, Kings Counties) region; establishing four ‘Local Tables’ comprised of over 120 residents representing seven major stakeholder groups to identify and lift local interests; holding monthly meetings of Local Tables; completing local and regional SWOT analyses; holding two ‘regional congresses’ with all Local Table participants; commissioning twelve grassroots organizations to engage community members; working with research partners to complete and publish a data-rich Baseline Report of existing regional conditions; completing a report of promising economic frameworks and industries; and surveying local CBOs and civic organizations for projects that align with the California Jobs First objectives.


Drafting the Sierra San Joaquin Jobs 'S2J2’ Plan

Request for Proposals Catalyst Projects Valley Jobs First Coalition

Catalyst Request For Proposals Application Questions



  • Regional Table launched
  • Regional Congress


  • Finalize Catalyst RFP
  • Finalize Regional Workgroups
  • Attend Learning Opportunities

March - April

  • Regional Workgroup Spring Sprint
  • Catalyst RFP


  • Input and feedback on the Regional Plan
  • Approve Catalyst Projects


  • Update and finalize Regional Plan

July - August

  • Develop and finalize Local Implementation Plans
  • Submit Regional Plan and Local Implementation Plans in August 2024!

TCEDC Our Role Information:

The role of the Tulare County Economic Development Corporation (EDC) at the regional table includes:

  1. Representing Tulare/Kings Counties: Serving as a representative for Tulare and Kings Counties in discussions related to the Catalyst Request for Proposals (RFP) and other regional economic development initiatives.
  2. Reviewing and Approving Guidelines and Evaluation Criteria: Participating in the review and approval of guidelines and evaluation criteria for the Catalyst RFP, ensuring alignment with the region’s economic development goals.
  3. Approving Funding for Catalyst RFP Projects: Participating in the decision-making process to approve funding for projects selected through the Catalyst RFP, based on the established criteria.
  4. Participating in a Regional Workgroup: Engaging with a regional workgroup to collaborate on economic development strategies and initiatives that benefit both Tulare and Kings Counties.
  5. Supporting Drafting and Approving the Regional Plan: Providing support in the drafting and approval of the regional economic development plan, contributing insights and feedback to ensure the plan reflects the needs and priorities of Tulare and Kings Counties.
  6. Serving as a Feedback Loop to the Local Tables: Acting as a conduit for feedback from Tulare and Kings Counties to the local tables, ensuring that local perspectives are considered in regional decision-making processes.
  7. Participating in Learning Opportunities: Engaging in learning opportunities related to economic development, staying informed about best practices and innovative strategies to enhance economic growth in Tulare and Kings Counties.

Overall, the Tulare County EDC plays a crucial role in representing the interests of Tulare and Kings Counties at the regional table, contributing to the development and implementation of the California Jobs First strategy.

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