Construction & Development

Lagomarsino Group

The heritage runs deep in the Lagomarsino farming operation. The company founder, Frank Giannini, was born in Porto Ferrajo, an island of Elba off the Tuscan coast of Italy. Frank learned the secrets of growing grapes and took charge of his father’s vineyard at 17. At 21, he had worked out a plan to immigrate to California, where he would have more opportunities. Giannini arrived in San Francisco in 1885 and, with two others, bought 160 acres of unimproved land northeast of Tulare in 1889. In 1891, Giannini acquired his partners’ interests and purchased 480 adjoining acres. Frank Giannini’s son-in-law, Fred Lagomarsino, his grandson, Frank Lagomarsino, and his great-grandson, Fred Lagomarsino, have continued to farm and prosper through the diversification established by the company founder.

Diversified Development Group

Diversified Development Group (DDG) is a real estate development corporation formed in 1979 to develop industrial and commercial properties in Central California. Over the past 30 years, DDG has developed more than 8 million sq. ft. of projects throughout Central California. Those projects have included industrial warehouses, shopping centers, office buildings, apartments, and office/warehouse projects. DDG currently owns and operates more than 7.3 million sq.ft., consisting of approximately 7 million sq. ft. of industrial buildings, 177,939 sq. ft. of retail establishments, and a 190,000 square foot office complex.

Seals Construction, Inc.

Seals Construction, Inc. is progressive-thinking construction management and general contracting firm committed to serving owners and clients based on their unique needs. Specializing in constructing commercial, industrial, healthcare, and educational facilities throughout the Central Valley, Seals Construction, Inc. is committed to making a client’s project a major success.