California’s ONLY Certified Sites Program

Companies locating new facilities are often limited in time and resources and are seeking industrial sites and/or buildings on which they can quickly build or occupy with the least risk. The Tulare County Economic Development Corporation recognizes this reality and has developed a county-wide site certification program that will meet this need.

This certified sites program ensures that the county’s premier industrial sites need a consistent set of standards and can be marketed as ready for development while providing a set of guidelines for communities to follow in order to improve uncertified sites prepare for development. Additionally, the enhanced information is critically important for marketing these sites.

Developed by nationally renowned site consultant Foote Consulting Group, the program delivers three levels of site standards. Site criteria cover important needs for certification, but the criteria are not too strict as to hold up good sites for long periods of time being certified.

Our Key Criteria for Certification:

  1. 10 or more developable acres
  2. Property boundary survey
  3. Willing seller with set asking price
  4. All utilities (water, sewer, electric power, telecommunication) at the site (or within 500ft)
  5. Proven alignment with a local city, town, or county and letter or commitment from this body
  6. Topographic maps (5′ contours minimum)
  7. No environmental liabilities (documentation regarding Phase I ESA; Clean Water Act; 100-year assured water supply: endangered species reviews; geotechnical report; air quality designation)
  8. Outside known flood-prone areas or remediation complete
  9. Permitting process, timeline, and fees clearly documented
  10. Public, dedicated road access
  11. Industrial/office (no retail) zoning or expedited rezoning plan
  12. Site physically toured and reviewed and report of comprehensive site information from FCG completed

Other Criteria:

  • Expandable acreage
  • Located within a fully improved industrial park
  • “Will serve” documentation to extend utilities to the site
  • Working rail spur to site
  • “Pad Ready” portion
  • Direct interstate or 4-lane highway access
  • Site is serviceable with dual electric feed
  • Site is serviceable with natural gas