Farmersville is synonymous with farming and agriculture.  Surrounding orchards and farms provide an abundance of fresh foods for farmers markets, restaurants and locals to enjoy.

Farmersville is located in the central-southern portion of the San Joaquin Valley at the base of the Sierra Nevada mountain range and serves as a gateway to the Sequoia National Park.  It is uniquely positioned in central California between the State’s major population centers of San Francisco and Los Angeles.  Interchange access is available to the city’s commercial and industrial areas through State Highway 198 an east/west highway that serves Central California.

​Located in the richest agricultural region in the United States, agriculture employs almost 30% of the city’s labor force.  The region consistently produces high-quality crops that provide food and fiber to more than 85 countries.

Utilizing the Farmersville General Plan and Farmersville Highway 198 Corridor Specific Plan ensures a well-planned community that encourages private investment.   A walnut processing facility recently chose Farmersville to expand their operations bringing new investment and jobs.  Investors can find prime parcels for retail and industrial development at the gateway to the City from Highway 198.

Whether you are looking for fresh fruits, nuts and veggies or looking for restaurants rich in culture and tradition you will find them in Farmersville.  The City welcomes you!